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The New Farm- By Brent Preston

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The funny, inspiring story of a family who went from die-hard urbanites to bonafide farmers, to revolutionaries in good food and sustainable farming.
In an effort to ditch the rat race and live a life that was true to their values, Brent Preston left the city with his wife, Gillian Flies, and their two kids to start a farm. After a series of missteps and mishaps The New Farm became a beacon in the good food movement, an example of successful, sustainable agriculture. Brent shares the unquestionably hilarious story of his journey from city slicker to agrarian advocate, from turning the bathtub into a chicken coop (with malodorous results) to earning a respected reputation among North America's top chefs for the farm's organic produce.     

At a time when readers are keenly aware of the overwhelming environmental, social and moral costs of our industrial food system, The New Farm offers a vision for a hopeful future, a model of agriculture that brings people together around good food and promotes a healthier planet.