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Avling Cheese - Butcher's Sheep's Milk Crottin

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Our Butcher's sheep's milk Crottin is a soft-ripened cheese made with pasteurized sheep's milk from Best Baa Dairy in Fergus, Ontario. Made in a lactic style (using little-to-no rennet) and aged for more than two months. 

The cheese exhibits barnyard aromatics, a creamy and tangy interior with flavours of honey, grass, and hay. This cheese offers a combination of textures, from a dense, fudge-y centre to a thin, delicate rind that surrounds a rich and unctuous cream line. 

We suggest pairing our Crottin with our barrel-aged beers, Spinning Yarn A and Spinning Yarn B. The minerality in Blend A is especially highlighted and cuts through the rich and creamy cheese to cleanse the palate, encouraging you to go back for more!

The barnyard aromatics and funky flavours in the cheese are not only matched, but enhanced by the Brett-y style of Blend B. 

Another great pairing: our house-cured Charcuterie, available here.