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Avling Charcuterie and Cheese Box

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A selection of house charcuterie and Canadian cheese.

Feeds 3-4 people.

Your box includes:

  • Gunn Hill's Handeck- Ontario - Cow's milk
  • Urban Blue- Nova Scotia - Cow's milk
  • Les Cendre des Grand Jardin- Quebec- Cow's milk
  • House cured charcuterie 
  • Pate de campagne 
  • Spent grain crackers 
  • Marcona almonds
  • Crabapple jelly
  • Branston relish, pickles

Suggested Beer Pairing: 

Spinning Yarn Blend A: Spinning Yarn Blend A is earthy and funky and just a little herbaceous, all while maintaining a nice, light fruit-forward flavour. Think strawberry, pineapple and peach. If this beer was a wine, it would be a refreshing natty Sancerre.

Spinning Yarn Blend B: Spinning Yarn Blend B turned out being real big on Brett, with strong notes of hay, funk, honeydew, white grape and yellow plum with a snappy finish. While traditional farmhouse and barnyard characters are most assertive, the beer is still incredibly bright and balanced. 

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