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Rhubee Wild Ale with Rhubarb, Cucumber and Honey

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Rhubee is a wild fermented sour ale aged on rhubarb, cucumber and silky, sweet honey.

The self-identifying women of Avling gathered to brew this puckering libation on International Women’s Day. Rhubee represents and reveals the beauty that lies within collaborative and educational women-led projects. With such toil (and a little trouble), our team juiced, roasted and reduced 500lbs of fresh Ontario rhubarb, and peeled over 200 cucumbers to create a beer that’s cosmically tart and a little funky.

Pouring hazy and soft pink, floral cucumber jumps from the glass, accompanied by notes of honeydew melon and fresh strawberry jam. Bursting with bright lemon and bandied brett, rhubarb compote champions the finish making this the perfect sipper.

4% ABV