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Violet Moon Barrel Aged Blend with Blue Plums and Gamay Skins

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The blue plum. Its juiciness, layered acidity, and tannic edge harmonize perfectly with the rustic complexity of our farmhouse ales. To celebrate this fruit we aged a blend of barrels on 1800lbs of Ontario plums, until further maturation atop fresh-pressed Gamay skins. Violet Moon pours a deep magenta with luminous, pearl-coloured foam and an aroma of plum pudding, raspberry jam and pie crust. Its texture is both rich and airy, with waves of flavour crashing on the palate before smoothly subsiding like a tide going out to sea. An elegantly tannic finish leads into grace notes of warm spice and dried mint, which delicately wane until another sip starts the cycle anew.

99% Ontario. 7.5% ABV